Excursion fo schoolchildren of Sumy regional high school for gifted children


Gifted Youth Sumy delighted with the SSU


May 15th 2013 SSU visited the schoolchildren of Sumy regional boarding school for gifted children. Excursion was initiated by Sumy Regional State Administration, which actively contributes to gifted young people received appropriate education and further expanded the provision of public servants.

At first future entrants visited the Department of Management, located in the new building. It was there the training is conducted in specialties "Management and Administration" and "Public Service". Then the boys and girls of interest looked one after the other classrooms, one of which they were presented a film about the University. During the excursions pupils visited the modern sports dance hall and were delighted with what he saw.

Schoolchildren also visited the library and information center, where familiar with the fund of rare books, dropping into the Museum of Local History and Literary, revised memorial outstanding Ukrainian revival - "Peresopnitske Gospel." Also, pupils presented the university site, media archives and other electronic resources library.

Guests were impressed by educational and material resources and technical equipment of classrooms, local landscape and park zone.

Completed visit schoolchildren friendly photo on memory.