The main activity of CPPO is retraining of specialists with higher education in full-time, part-time and distance learning.

Representatives of both public and private universities note that the demand for second higher education is constantly growing (annual growth ranges from 20-30%). This is due to increased competition for the best jobs in the labor market. In these conditions, the role of the SumDU CPPO is growing, as its activities contribute to overcoming the shortage of personnel in the fields that currently determine scientific and technological progress.

Training is carried out in the following specialties:

Specialty Educational program (specialization)
Education level Qualification Form of study
Training period The cost of training for the entire period
«Public administration»
Public Service master Master of Public Administration
external form of education

16 months

Budget financing, or UAH 7,700 per semester

073 "Management"

Organization and management of health care master Master of Management external form of education 16 months
UAH 7,700 per semester