The main focus of the Center of Postgraduate Education (CPE) is the retraining of specialists with higher education and advanced students of higher educational establishments of III or IV level of accreditation for obtaining the second higher education with full-time, part-time and distance learning.
Representatives from both public and private universities say that the demand for second degree is growing (annual growth ranges from 20-30%). This is due to increased competition for the best jobs in the labor market. In these circumstances the role of the CPE in SSU increases because its activity contributes to overcoming the shortage of personnel in the industries that define scientific and technical progress at the moment.

Second higher education in the following specialties:

Direction Professional focus / Specialty Educational qualification Qualification Period of study Price for the whole time
0501 "State Management" State Service Master Master of State Service 1 year (full-time education) 12 000 UAH
Specific Categories Administrative Management Master Master of management activities 1 year (full-time education) 11 000 UAH
Business Administration Master Master of Business Administration 1.5 years (basic economic education)
2 years
15 000/12 000 UAH
18 000/15 000 UAH

Project Management specialist Specialist in project and program management 1 year (full-time education) 9 200 UAH
0501 "Economics and Entrepreneurship" Enterprise Economics specialist Specialist in business economy 2,5 years 14 000 UAH
Finance specialist Specialist in Finance 2,5 years 14 000 UAH
Marketing specialist Specialist in Marketing 2,5 years 14 000 UAH
Management specialist manager-economist 1,5 years 10 000 UAH
0802 "Applied mathematics" Applied Mathematics specialist programmer 1,5 years 9 000 UAH
Informatics specialist Specialist in Informatics
1,5 years 10 000 UAH